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IDC Staff Instructor

After being a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and obtaining 25 certifications, some instructors want to join an IDC staff and teach new instructors how to be good instructors. To be able to take part in an IDC, you will need to become an IDC Staff Instructor. 


As an IDC Staff Instructor, you can:

  • Independently teach and certify PADI Assistant Instructors at PADI 5 Star Dive Centers and Resorts

  • Conduct IDC training segments with a Course Director is present

  • Evaluate and critique instructor candidates during their teaching presentations

  • Provide counseling and remedial training for candidates and IDC Staff Instructor candidates

  • Assist with the instructor continuing educational programs 

  • Attend and observe the orientation and closing sessions of an IE


Tuition: $600

Materials: $700

PADI Fee: $150

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