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Padi’s Tennessee Eco Center: Ohana Dive Company

Ohana Dive Co. now stands as the sole Eco Center within the state of Tennessee! We proudly claim our place among the seven esteemed Eco Centers across the United States. But what truly sets us apart is not merely a title - it’s a dedication to a cause. With Green Fins Accreditation, Eco Center recognition, and 100% Padi AWARE status, we are working to forge a path of sustainable diving. For the environments we call home, and the uncharted waters we venture into, we want to be a force for marine conservation.

What this Means & How You Can Help:

Though we are still navigating how we can put our best foot forward, we have implemented a few efforts that we believe will have an immediate impact!

Encourage Recycling

We understand not everyone has access to convenient recycling services, which is why we are accepting used batteries and plastic. Bring these used items to us at the shop, and we’ll dispose of them accordingly and safely at no charge.

Citizen Science Data Collection

Moving forward, staff will be recording data on all dive trips using the Citizen Science Data Collection protocol. This community based monitoring allows scientists to collect data on a larger scale and over longer periods than would be feasible with limited resources. This data can aid in identifying trends, potential hazards, and areas in need of remediation. Leveraging the efforts of this volunteer work creates a collective impact that benefits science, society, and the environments in which we love to dive in!

Following Green Fins Guidelines

All Ohana staff are required to complete the Green Fins e-learning. Throughout the course, staff is educated on how to portray good environmental practices in the water and how to handle situations in which divers are not abiding by these sustainable practices.

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