Meet the Ohana Dive Co. Staff

PADI Course Director


Ryan Hiler #302149

I started diving in 2011 and fell in love! I am passionate about ocean conservation and protecting its wildlife. I am a PADI Course Director, Emergency First Response Instructor,  Airborne Pathogen Instructor, and a DAN O2 Provider Instructor. I also enjoy underwater photography and Technical diving. I have lived in various places around the world, including the Philippines, Florida, and Hawaii. I have gotten the opportunity to teach all ages to dive and experience life underwater.  I look forward to introducing you to the world of diving!

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PADI IDC Staff Instructor

EFR Instructor

Sarah Rich #440648

I started diving by accepting a dare and taking the discover scuba class. I immediately fell in love with the sport and the freedom that came with being underwater. I finished my Open Water in May 2018 and immediately started diving as much as possible and obtaining as many certifications to continue learning as much as possible. Along the way I discovered a passion for not only diving, but ocean conservation and sharing that passion with others. I have now finished my Master Scuba Diver Trainer certification and I am excited for the up coming dive season with you!   I look forward to being able to share that passion with a younger generation and continue to educate others on the amazing world that lies beneath the surface.

I dare you to take the plunge into diving!

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 

James Copeland #395057

Like many people, I originally had concerns and fears about taking my first scuba course, but with each skill I mastered, I couldn’t wait to learn the next skill, take the next class, and earn my next certification. Before I knew it, I was certified to teach scuba. I will never forget my first open water dive and the indescribable feeling I had and continue to have with each dive. I love to share my passion of the underwater world, the places it takes me, and the people I meet. Scuba is my therapy. It can be both calm, quiet, and relaxing or challenging and adventurous depending on the style of diving.


PADI Openwater Scuba Instructor
Craig DeBourbon #523910

Hi fellow divers! I was privileged to start my diving adventures in the indescribably beautiful Egyptian

Red Sea, long-ago, and after an extended diving pause, I reignited the passion and resumed learning and

exploring in 2020. Like most divers who’ve had the opportunity to spend time up close with some of our

world’s beautiful marine wildlife, I certainly love and appreciate our precious sea-life … but I feel like my

main areas of passion and future specialization will be both the technical/equipment side of undersea

exploration, and also trying to communicate to, and with, other veterans about the positive life

outcomes of becoming an active diver. Of course, I’d love to teach and share the experience of diving,

with anyone and everyone who desires and dreams to explore the hidden underwater treasures of

mother nature.

     PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

    Jason Karadeema #440864


Growing up, scuba diving was always something I wanted to do.  There is nothing more relaxing to me than being in the water.  Exploring what’s beneath the surface always interested me.  Then in 2017, I finally made the effort to get my open water certification with Ohana Dive Co.  Diving didn’t let me down either!  It was everything I thought it would be, and more.  I have had the chance to dive in some beautiful places like Akumal, Mexico seeing more sea turtles than you can count. I’ve had the opportunity to share my passion with my daughter, Kylie, who is now a certified diver. What a proud moment that was for me!  Seeing other people learn how to dive is such a fun experience.  That’s what attracted me to achieving my instructor certification, I look forward to  teaching new divers, and watching this new world open up for them to explore.


PADI Divemaster

DSD Leader

Jarett Williams  #455773

Hello fellow divers or soon to be divers! My name is Jarett Williams and I am a Divemaster here at Ohana Dive Co.  I was able to start my diving career about two years ago and then was able to take my first trip shortly after I was open water certified. This was an absolutely amazing experience for me because not only was it my first dive trip, but it was also my first time out of the country. I could not have been happier that I was able to share this life changing experience with my Ohana family. There have been a few more trips since then with the best so far being a shark dive in West Palm with both bull and tiger sharks!  I hope to take many more trips with Ohana Dive Co. in the future to be able to dive with all of the diverse sea life around the world. Now that I am a divemaster I am able to learn more about what it takes to be a responsible diver and how to be a better teacher to new students. It has been very fulfilling to be able help teach new divers about the opportunities they will have once they become certified; and I really look forward to seeing all of you new students in the water becoming awesome divers!

PADI Rescue Diver
Shop Staff  

Hi friends, my name is Dani! I have been passionate about the water since I was in 3rd grade getting my Bubblemaker certification in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Like many, I took my first breath underwater and was instantly hooked! I furthered my dive experience at 17 when I spent 21 days on a sailboat in the British Virgin Islands getting my Advanced Open Water and assisting with local wildlife conservation. After 9 years I have jumped back into the water with the incredible family at Ohana Dive Co. to continue my certifications and start teaching! It is my wish to expose more of you to the wonderful world under the surface and teach you how to safely and confidently explore some of the most beautiful places, this world of ours, has to offer. My dive goals not only include being an instructor; but they also include diving with the big 3: Tiger, Bull, and Great White sharks! Think that sounds crazy? Nahh it’ll be fun! Who wants to come with me?!